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Due to COVID-19 
KinderHaus is currently closed. 

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A child grows in many ways: physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. At KinderHaus, the goal is to give each child the room, the guidance, and the encouragement to develop confidently in each area of growth. There will be opportunities to play and learn: to be curious creatively, and to feel success through achievement in an atmosphere of faith, hope, and love. The children will be appreciated for themselves and their feelings recognized as valid. KinderHaus will provide for a warm, vital environment in which each child can live and achieve in a manner that will be of lasting value to them and their families.



Cleveland Park KinderHaus:

3400 Lowell St. NW

Washington, DC 20016

Phone (202) 686-3570

Fax (202) 686-2538



Chevy Chase KinderHaus:

5307 Conn. Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20015

Phone (202) 244-0719

Children Learn What They Live
If a child lives with criticism,

 He learns to condemn.
 If a child lives with hostility,
 He learns to fight.
 If a child lives with ridicule,
 He learns to be shy.
 If a child lives with shame,
 He learns to feel guilty.
 If a child lives with tolerance,
 He learns to be patient.
 If a child lives with
 He learns confidence.
 If a child lives with praise,
 He learns to appreciate.
 If a child lives with fairness,
 He learns justice.
 If a child lives with security,
 He learns to have faith.
 If a child lives with approval,
 He learns to like himself.
 If a child lives with acceptance
 and friendship,
 He learns to find
 love in the world.


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