At KinderHaus, we welcome you and your child! The early years are very important for a child’s social and intellectual range of growth. We feel that each child is a special individual possessing unique skills and knowledge. All children have, and are, special gifts. KinderHaus is pleased to have you visit us. 


KinderHaus has implemented new technology for daily reports. All classrooms have access to the Tadpoles by Childcare application using our mini iPads. Parents will be notified, via a secured email, a record of their child's day. The record of day will share lesson plans and activities, meals and lenght of nap, supplies needed for the next day as well as photographs and/or videos of the day. 


Each classroom has a Parent Bulletin Board area. Teacher names and their hours, snack menus (if applicable), Early Childhood Education articles, cards, notes, etc., can be found here. 

Emails will be sent to you several times a month to keep you better informed. Every family will be given a mailbox, in KinderHaus, to receive notices that cannot be emailed.

KinderHaus is pleased to offer scheduled times to meet with your child’s teachers. It is our hope that both parents/guardians will attend our scheduled parent/teacher meetings.


In the Fall, KinderHaus will have a 30-minute meeting for parents on the first week of school. This group meeting will help parents become acclimated to their new classroom, learn specific classroom rules and be introduced to the classroom curriculum. This is a great opportunity to ask questions specific to your child’s classroom and meet fellow parents.


We will have two scheduled Parent Teacher Conferences during our school year. Our first is in October and our second one is held in February. KinderHaus closes for all day child care for both Parent Teacher Conference days. We do offer limited child care during your scheduled conference time. Both conferences are approximately 45-minutes. Each will cover your child's Ages & Stages Questionnaire, Teaching Strategies checkpoints, goals suggested by either teachers or parents, and anecdotes about your child's day at KinderHaus. 


Please note, parent/teacher conferences can be requested by either parents or by teachers at any point throughout the school year.


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